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Welcome to the Grey Matters Mental Gymnasium! This section of the Grey Matters site is dedicated to teaching you to effectively improve and display your mental prowess. Imagine doing complex math in your head faster than someone with a calculator, solving challenging puzzles with ease, or even displaying your amazing memory! This site, and the ones to which it links, will help you learn these and other mental feats with which you can amaze your friends, family and interested onlookers.

How is this possible? The challenging mental feats will be taught by minimizing the number of rules, patterns or other mental constructs required to present them. What you do need to know will often be associated with things you already know, which will also make the learning process easier. Mostly the things taught will be not only fun to do, but you'll also have fun watching your friend's and family's jaws drop when you perform these feats.

The things taught here are not magic tricks that give the mere appearance of mental prowess, but the actual means to display legitimate mental agility under test conditions. Because of this legitimacy, this means that much of what you learn here can be applied in various ways in the real world.


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