Can You Name All 50 Green Eggs And Ham Words In 10 Minutes?

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After Dr. Suess' success with The Cat In The Hat, which contained 236 different words, Random House publisher and co-founder Bennett Cerf is alleged to have bet Dr. Suess that he couldn't write a book using only 50 different words.

Whether the story of the bet is real or not, Dr. Suess did succeed in writing just such a book. That book is still one of his most famous works, Green Eggs and Ham. Because that book is so well known, uses so few words, and can be read so quickly, it should be easy to recall all 50 words from Green Eggs and Ham in only 10 minutes, shouldn't it? Start the 4 words from the title, and work from there. Don't forget the one word in the book that has more than one syllable!

If you can name at least 90% of the words, I'll have Dr. Suess give you an actual recipe for green eggs and ham! Otherwise, I'll link to a video of Green Eggs and Ham, which you can study before trying the quiz again.

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