Hedley Lamarr's Outlaw Types

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In one scene of the classic Mel Brooks film, Blazing Saddles, Hedy (That's Hedley!) Lamarr decides to destroy the town of Rock Ridge using “every vicious criminal and gunslinger in the west.” He then goes on to list 27 different types of outlaws he wants. Your challenge is to recall all 27 types of outlaws from this famous speech in 6 minutes or less. After the 6 minutes are up, the correct answers will appear below so you can see which ones you've missed.

There are three words in this list that some people may find offensive, and these will be displayed with asterisks. These three words appear as a**, sh**, and d***s, and may be entered this way as acceptable answers (as well as in their original uncensored form).

To stop this quiz before the time is up, click on the Give Up? button. To try this quiz again, simply reload the page. If you enjoy timed quizzes like this, you can find links to hundreds of them at How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes?

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