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To begin, click the Play Mastermind button below.

Object: The object of Mastermind is to try and discover the computer's secret arrangement of 4 colors. On each turn, you guess the color code, and the computer will tell you, via a response in black and white pegs, how close you are the secret arrangement.

You win if you correctly guess the code in 9 tries or less.

You enter your guess from left to right by clicking on one of the 6 colors next to the board.

The response is given in the form of black and white pegs. For every black peg, there is a correct color in the correct position. For every white peg, there is a correct color in an incorrect position. The response pegs do not, however, indicate to which colors and positions they refer.

Further Controls:

Restart: Begins a new game with a new secret 4-color arrangement.


Mastermind solution
Mastermind strategy table

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