Towers of Hanoi

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To begin, click the Play Towers of Hanoi button below.

Object: The aim is to pile the disks up on the third peg, with the disks arranged in order, the largest at the bottom.

You may only move one disk at a time, and only place it on an empty peg or on a larger disk.

To move a disk, just click on the peg it is on and then click on the peg you want to move it to.

Further controls:

Up/Down: These buttons change the size of the puzzle.

Mix: This button randomly mixes the puzzle up.

Reset: Resets the puzzle to the initial position.

Edit: Allows you to set up any position. The disks are cleared, and then you have to specify on which peg each of the pieces is, starting with the largest.

Play/Back: Solves the puzzle. Each time you click the play button, one move is performed until the puzzle is solved. The backwards play button does the same, but brings. the puzzle closer to the start position.

Forward/Rewind: This is like the play/back buttons, except that the moves will be continuously performed till the end or beginning. Clicking the button more than once speeds it up. To stop, press one of the other buttons.

Help: Shows a help screen with these same instructions.


Towers of Hanoi strategy

More Information:

Jaap's Puzzle Page: Tower of Hanoi

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