Instant Insanity

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To begin, click the Play Instant Insanity button below.

Object: The aim of this puzzle is to arrange the cubes in a row so that each of the four sides show all four different colours.

Click on a face of a cube to turn it in that direction.

Further controls:

Mix: This button sets the cubes in a random position.

Edit:Allows you to edit the cubes. Clicking any face of a cube will change its colour. Keep clicking each face until it is the colour you want. Click the edit button again when you are finished.

Solve: Solves the puzzle. It tries all combinations to find a solution. Clicking it again will try find a different solution if there is one, so by repeatedly clicking the button all solutions will be shown.

Reset: Resets to the original puzzle in the solved position.

Help: Shows a help screen with these same instructions.


Instant Insanity solution 1
Instant Insanity solution 2

More Information:

Frank Armbruster's Instant Insanity
Jaap's Puzzle Page: Instant Insanity / Buvos Golyok / Drive Ya Crazy

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